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MUSCLE. Noun. Required for physical power and strength.

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Why you need it

> Crafted to maximise muscle and strength gains.
> Also designed to support energy and power.
> Packed with the right functional ingredients, nutrients and adaptogens.

Why it’s special / The Strong Protein

> Complete protein from highest quality whey and casein, and enriched with superfoods.
> Rich in branched chain (BCAAs) and essential amino acids (EAAs).
> Not a trace of artificial flavour, colour or aspartame.

Why it’s special / The Power Booster

> 100% pure premium creatine monohydrate.
> Highest quality ultra-pure grade.
> Dissolves easily in water upon stirring.

Why it’s special / The Recover Capsules

> Nootropic and adaptogen complex for body and mind.
> No artificial colour (titanium dioxide) or fillers (magnesium stearate).


The Strong Protein: A must-have post-workout refuel to be taken ideally within 45 minutes of exercise or as a nutritious drink to help meet your daily nutrient needs. Best served cold. Directions: Add up to 40g (4 scoops) to 250-350ml of water or milk and shake. Adjust amount of liquid for your desired level of sweetness and thickness. Can also be used to make smoothies and baked into healthy snacks.

The Power Booster: To be taken during your day, once a day. Use continuously for up to 8 weeks before discontinuing for 1 week and then repeating. Directions: Mix 5g (1 rounded teaspoon) with around 100ml water or juice in your Innermost shaker bottle, or simply add 5g to your pre or post-workout protein shake.

The Recover Capsules: Take 2 capsules each morning and 2 capsules each evening with water.

Per Serving:

The Strong Protein:

Protein (34g): A blend of dairy-based whey concentrate and isolate that contains all the essential amino acids your body needs for repair, recovery and muscle development.

Casein: Slow-digesting protein to encourage optimal protein uptake and absorption.

Creatine Monohydrate (3g): Found naturally in muscle cells where it supports power and strength.

Montmorency Cherries (300mg): Variety of sour cherry that has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce damage from intensive exercise.

Bilberries (250mg): Dark berry that assists with inflammation-fighting. Rich in antioxidants and resveratrol for cardiovascular health. 

Magnesium (200mg, 47%*): Mineral that plays an important role in energy, recovery, cardiac function, and bone and muscle health. 

*%NRV (Nutrient Reference Values) are guidelines on daily amounts of vitamins and minerals to be consumed to maintain a healthy diet.
Allergens: Milk (whey). 


The Power Booster:

Creatine Monohydrate (5g): One of the most researched sport supplements on the market. Recommended for athletes and recreational gym goers undertaking high-intensity exercise. Creatine is stored within muscle and plays a crucial role in the production of energy during high- intensity exercise such as sprinting or weightlifting.

Allergens: None. 


The Recover Capsules:

Maca (2g): Peruvian herb to help reduce stress while boosting energy, performance and libido.

ZMA (300mg): Optimal balance of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 for energy, hormone activity and recovery.

Chocamine (120mg): Cocoa extract that helps reduce inflammation, and regulate metabolism and muscle growth.

Ubiquinone CoQ10 (50mg): Vitamin-like compound made in the body and used by cells to produce energy for growth and repair.

Selenium (100ug): Essential mineral for brain function, as well as playing a key role in male and female fertility.

Vitamin D (500IU, 250%*): For healthy bone strength, form and function.

*%NRV (Nutrient Reference Values) are guidelines on daily amounts of vitamins and minerals to be consumed to maintain a healthy diet.
Allergens: None.