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About Us


medM is headquartered in the Republic of Mauritius and was founded with the vision of being the broadest health related importer and distributor in Mauritius and the African region.

medM's core business is importing and distributing health related products and services to our customers. We have developed a strong customer base in both B2B and B2C segments.

Strong Distribution Reach

On the B2B side, medM distributes its offerings directly to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Private clinics, Residential care homes, Diagnostics Labs, Pharmacies, Doctors’ consultations, Veterinary clinics, Food & Processing sector, Hospitality sector. 

On the B2C side, medM reaches out to the ever growing health-conscious individual who values wellness as a lifestyle and wants to have control over it. We empower them by constantly sourcing and offering them the latest products in wellness management practices.

medM also caters to the health needy segment by providing a range of patient aid products for in-house residential care or post operative recovery care.

Global Sourcing

medM partners with Health related brands globally to serve its customer base. We are constantly looking to collaborate with the right partners to continuously serve our customer base as their requirements evolve. Please Contact Us for any potential collaboration.