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Gift Bag - The Slim Lean

Gift Bag - The Slim Lean

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 Our weight loss gift bag ! Your loved one has set himself or herself up for a challenge and has a goal in mind to reach his or her ideal weight - a little help would go a long way ! 

The combo in this bag is formulated to increase fat burning and really build up the metabolism for sustainable weight loss.

The gift bag includes: 

1 x LEAN innermost protein powder the post work out 

Whey protein powder for weight-loss. A laudable blend of 7 ingredients formulated to encourage healthy fat-loss and support lean muscle development.


1x THE TONE Capsules to be taken everyday:

Daily nootropic complex for sustainable fat-loss. A sharp blend of 9 ingredients formulated to raise metabolism and support sustainable fat-loss.

No artificial colours or fillers. Forget fad diets, they don't work. Step this way instead. 

Take 2 capsules each morning and 2 capsules each afternoon with water.