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Innermost The Recover Capsules - 120 Capsules
Innermost The Recover Capsules - 120 Capsules
Innermost The Recover Capsules - 120 Capsules

Innermost The Recover Capsules - 120 Capsules

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RECOVER - Vegan - Give fresh life or strength to.

Daily nootropic complex for faster recovery. A mighty blend of 6 ingredients formulated to support recovery, hormone activity and promote energy. Contains no artificial colours or fillers. Perfect for when you need to get back to doing what you do best pronto.



Why you need it

> Crafted to support muscle recovery and hormone activity.
> Also designed to enhance energy and vitality.
> Packed with the right functional ingredients, nutrients and adaptogens.

Why it’s special

> Nootropic and adaptogen complex for body and mind.
> No artificial colour (titanium dioxide) or fillers (magnesium stearate).


Take 2 capsules each morning and 2 capsules each evening with water.

Works Well With: The Strong Protein to maximise strength and muscle gains.



Per 4 Capsules:

Maca (2g): Reduces stress while boosting energy, performance and libido.

ZMA (300mg): Optimal balance of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 for energy, hormone activity and recovery.

Chocamine (120mg): Reduces inflammation, and regulates metabolism and muscle growth.

Ubiquinone CoQ10 (50mg): Used by mitochondria to produce the energy for growth and repair.

Selenium (100ug): Important mineral for brain function, as well as playing a key role in both male and female fertility.

Vitamin D (500IU, 250%*): Healthy bone strength, form and function.

*%NRV (Nutrient Reference Values) are guidelines on daily amounts of vitamins and minerals to be consumed to maintain a healthy diet.

Allergens: None.